About Wattabuy

Wattabuy offers portfolios with the highest level of reliability. Experience shows that long-term investment proves to be the most profitable and successful option. We do not encourage you to make rash decisions in pursuit of quick profits.

Brokers and banks offer deals that are mainly beneficial for them. We are forming a society of independent investors who know exactly what things are worth investing in.

We believe our product is changing the industry of money management.


Answer a series of questions. We will offer you the optimal portfolio of securities that meets your needs.

If you are not satisfied with the portfolio we offer, you can always choose your option.

Artificial Intelligence

The Wattabuy app is powered by artificial intelligence that displays information that is relevant and tailored to you.

Experienced analysts

Analytical work is carried out by specialists with the education in finance and economics from Canadian and Russian universities. The accumulated experience allows us to avoid mistakes and correctly assess financial risks.

No translations

We monitor your bond portfolio for $ 100 a year. The application does not have access to real money. You do not buy or sell anything through us.