General article about Wattabuy application

General article about Wattabuy application

Nowadays, any Telegram channel you will offer you information on what shares to buy, how to sell them at the best price and how to receive a top profit. It takes little effort to find these sources, but it is you who will have to check their data at the risk of you own investments. That’s the tradeoff for aspiring quick money makers.

We are a team of the Wattabuy application. Our philosophy is simple: low risk bond investments and a setup of your investment portfolio for decades to come. Success is awaiting those who let their portfolio ‘rest’ and ‘mature’. And by the time you retire you will reap great fruit. You can take our word for it, in the excess of 25 years in the investment market we learned something. This is the main reason why we decided to create an app, that would serve you as a great advisor in the thorny business of investments.

How does the app work?

You install it on your phone and take the test. As a result of the test your investment portfolio will be formed. An explanation is provided for each security, as well as why it would be worth buying it. You can purchase the entire portfolio, reject a part of it or replace some securities with the others. After you have set up your portfolio and purchased shares through your broker or a management bank, the only thing that is left for you is to watch the life of the market and your assets. In the meantime, you wouldn’t have to change your broker or a bank. The application does not require you to transfer your money to us, all purchases are made in the way that is familiar to you.

Exchange data is updated every 3 hours, which means that you will always stay up to date with the information. There is a messenger available so you can contact customer service and technical support. We also created a channel where we address investors’ questions.

Seasoned financial analytics help you with the selection of securities. Every day we analyze information, follow quotes, and send you push notifications for deals. You can reject the options presented to you, and purchase securities recommended to you by your broker. If a company’s rating is dropping, and an automatic sell of the shares is initiated, we offer you new recommendations as a replacement. Although, this is a rare occurrence, since we always offer rating A portfolio which, in other words, is a maximum security and a high profit portfolio, as well as rating BBB securities and securities of other funds of a significant size.

For example:

  • Index fund of shares included in the Nasdaq (additional dividend payments of 0.7% per annum);
  • US S&P Broad Market Index Fund (yield on additional dividend payments 1.2%);
  • Fund of companies with growing dividends, 1.8% per annum;
  • Real estate rental fund 3.5% per annum.

The share of these funds barely exceeds 10%. By paying coupons for 3-4 years, you will fully make up for these investments. And then only your subsequent profit will be at risk.

We are confident in the application and the product we offer. For that reason, you can use the Wattabuy application for the first month for free. Further, this application will be available to you at $30 US Dollars a month. Our team will always be in contact with you ready to help.