What do you need to know about Wattabuy App

What do you need to know about Wattabuy App

It is an online service that compiles and manages investment portfolios. We don’t know where the top of the market is, but we do know where its bottom is. We do not have the information on the increase or drop of certain shares. We offer you to move to the side of risk-free security investments and of setting up your portfolio for decades to come in the US Dollars, and, further, in other currencies. Wattabuy app will be with you in hard and unknown times.

How does the service work

We have compiled nine basic portfolios of dollar bonds with minimum trading lots of $2,000 US dollars. Six out of nine portfolios consist of risk-free components, the level of reliability of these investments is the highest, which is rating A. The three portfolios include high yield bonds - rated BBB and a number of large funds.

  • Index fund of shares included in Nasdaq with additional dividend payments of 0.7% per annum;
  • S&P US Broad Market Index Fund.500 - Yield of additional dividend payments of 1.2%;
  • Fund of companies with growing dividends -1.8 annual payments;
  • Real estate rental fund - 3.5% annual payments.

The share of these funds barely exceeds 10% so that due to coupon payments you will fully make up for these investments in three to four years. Then, nothing but your profit will be at risk.

The task of the app is to watch the portfolios in case there is a drop in the companies’ ratings. In such cases, their bonds are automatically placed for trading. If the bond is redeemed early, we offer a constant stream of new bonds or funds to purchase. In addition, we analyze funds, select the cheapest and indexed ones in order to increase profits of the investors.

Types of funds that we recommend:

  • Index fund of shares of companies included in the Nasdaq (Facebook, Apple, Tesla, ticker QQQ) - with 0.2% annual expenses, fund size of $115 billion US dollars. The fund's profitability has been over 150% over the past 5 years in US dollars.
  • Dividend fund for growing shares (includes companies such as Coca-Cola, etc., ticker NOBL) – with 0.35% annual expenses, fund size of $5.8 billion US dollars. The fund's profitability has been more than 100% in US dollars for the last 5 years.
  • Index fund of stocks of the US broad market (includes all the largest companies in the world, ticker VOO) - expenses 0.03% per annum, the size of the fund is more than $500 bln in US dollars. The fund's profitability has been over 150% over the past 5 years.
  • Gold Fund – with 0.4% annual expenses, fund size of $66 billion US Dollars. The fund's income has been over 30% over the past 5 years. You can compare these numbers with your expenses when you purchase bank products.

The Wattabuy application manages your portfolio indefinitely and sends you push notifications for deals, as long as you pay $30 US dollars of the monthly membership fee. You can refuse any deal, because your money and valuables are comfortably and securely stored in the place of your liking. We created an amazing chat room where you can always contact our team and have one on one consultation. You will have one account in the app with one portfolio. Quotes are updated each business day. The value of your investment is recalculated every three hours.

Now our developers are preparing an upgrade that will allow you to manage several portfolios, including bond portfolios in Euros, and a little later in Chinese Yuan. Indeed, we are amongst the best in the business.