Wattabuy app for investing in global investment instruments in USD

Wattabuy app for investing in global investment instruments in USD

Not long ago, deposit rates made it possible to live off the interest payments. But 2020 finally convinced everyone that the times of high deposit rates are irrevocably gone. Interest on ruble deposits - 3-5% per year, deposits in foreign currency with an even more sad rate of return of 0.5% per annum make people look for other investment instruments to preserve and increase their capital. Referring to management companies and Private Banking, who, in their turn, are trying to neutralize the fall in their incomes, leads to the imposition of structured products and synthetic instruments with nontransparent internal commissions on clients. This also results in one being frustrated with the level of expertise and a feeling of meaningless support. For the last two years we have been noticing a global flow of clients and capital to private brokerage accounts. People are no longer willing to entrust their money to campaign managers, and have instead started using self-managed investment solutions, trying to manage investment portfolios at their own risk. Unfortunately, this practice often leads to losses, since such decisions make users engage in frequent, hasty and high-risk transactions; in essence, brokerage companies exploit human gambling and impulsiveness.

The need for an independent, not tied to a specific broker, financial expertise in the preparation of high-quality and balanced portfolios has became apparent. Currently there is only one such service - the Wattabuy platform. It is an application that offers unbiased advice for building a high-quality bond portfolio with minimum trading lots of $2,000 USD. This is not a brokerage service or an asset management service. The client continues to work with the bank or brokerage account to which he is used to. With Wattabuy he simply receives an independent examination of his portfolio. The Wattabuy team and a smart machine learning algorithm analyze daily dollar bonds of more than 5,000 global companies, as well as globally diversified index funds for real estate and stocks with reliability ratings from AAA to BB +, including a large number of exchange-traded funds with internal commissions not exceeding 0.4% per annum and starting at 0.03 (vanguard) and the volume of funds exceeding 1 billion dollars, offering their own vision of an individual portfolio. Thus, the client receives an expertise based not only on a smart algorithm for selecting high-quality bond portfolios, but also on the many years of professional experience of service experts. This is a new and unique model for the investment market. A smart algorithm analyzes your risk profile and based on the analyses it can offer nine model and about a hundred personalized US dollar global bond portfolios. Two more currencies will be added in the near future: euro and yuan. Each portfolio will contain at least ten issuers with trading lots starting at $2,000 USD. Clients will be offered portfolios consisting primarily of high quality bonds, with a range of portfolios that could also include equity and real estate funds. It should be noted that the service makes it possible to change up to four issuers in the base portfolio. The application also builds a calendar of cash flows according to the dates stated in the coupon payments, including stock funds (ETF), where the distribution of dividends and redemption of individual bond issues takes place. Wattabuy monitors the accumulated portfolio and offers replacement bonds in case there is a deterioration of credit quality or if more profitable high-quality bonds are available.

What kind of portfolios does the Wattabuy app recommend?

In the first top row are bonds of the highest credit quality with the highest AAA reliability rating: Amazon, Cisco, Pepsi, and others. And there are three such portfolios, differing in terms of circulation: up to ten years, from ten to twenty years, over twenty years and a yield of 1 to 2.5% per annum. The second row of portfolios starts to include bonds of more risky companies, but the group's ratings remain very high - A: McDonalds, At & T, FedEx, General Electrics, Starbucks with yields from 2 to 3% per annum. And the third row includes sovereign bonds of developing countries and small corporate issuers with credit ratings BBB +, BBB-, BB +: Dell, Motorola, Broadcom and yield from 2.5 to 4% per annum. In total, there are three lines of three bond portfolios with different maturities - nine basic model bond portfolios in US dollars. The minimum trading lot for one security is $ 2,000 USD. It should be noted that the credit quality of all issuers is high, and they all have investment ratings. The service regularly monitors issuers, and in the event of a drop in ratings below BB- or a decrease in ratings below those set for the relevant group, the Wattabuy application will send a recommendation for an immediate exclusion. After three days, the paper will disappear from the portfolios and the service will stop monitoring it.

But what about stocks, especially Tesla, Facebook ... gold, real estate? After all, it is so popular in the world .. The thing is that the key task of the Wattabuy service is capital planning, and not playing on the stock exchange. For the coupon value of the portfolio we add equity funds in a number of portfolios, such as Nasdaq stocks, S&P stocks, real estate funds and gold funds. All these funds pay dividends starting at 0.7 per annum (Nasdaq) to 3.5% (real estate funds) and have low internal costs (starting at 0.03% per annum).

With a consistent purchase of index stock funds within ten years you can build portfolios consisting of quality bonds and index funds of stocks of the world's leading companies. The application provides offers a free grace period, after which a subscription will be activated - 2000 rubles per month, which is 73 rubles per day.

It's easy to get started

Download the Wattabuy app from the AppStore or PlayMarket, you can access it both from your phone or your computer. Registration via e-mail will take no more than two minutes. After completing a short survey, the app will offer you a portfolio that matches your risk profile. Model bond portfolio in US dollars consisting of bonds of global companies with a yield of 1 to 4% per annum. In the application can maintain only one portfolio at a time in one account. The application pumps up quotes every business day, once in every three hours and it recalculates the value of your investments. In the near future, it will be possible to maintain several portfolios in one account. It is important to note that the service does not prompt subscribers to trade securities frequently, the key principle of the algorithm is to monitor the quality of the portfolio, so subscribers will be spared from annoying push notifications. Meanwhile the application will always be at hand in times of uncertainty, downgrading of companies' ratings, the risk of bankruptcies, and early redemption of bonds. Wattabuy provides only objective information in a convenient way.