Wattabuy Referral Program

In accordance with Clause 8.4 of the User Agreement, the Administration of the Wattabuy service provides the User with the opportunity to use the referral program under the following conditions:

Referral program — is a marketing campaign set up by the Administrator of the Wattabuy service.

Friend — is an individual who reached the age of 18 and who has received a special promotional code and a promotional link enabling him to download Wattabuy.

User — is a user of the Wattabuy service.

1. Participation in the referral program:

1.1 Participant of the promotion receives a special promotional link or a code from Wattabuy and then sends it to a friend in any preferred way

1.2. A friend, by clicking on the received promotional link or by entering a promo code, performs the Target Action and, after the end of the free trial period, pays a fee to access to the Wattabuy service.

1.3. The user receives a 5% monthly discount on subscription payment for the Wattabuy service for the next 12 calendar months. A friend receives a 5% discount on the monthly service fee (for 1 month of use) at the end of the free trial period.

1.4. User cannot send a promotional link or a promotional code to himself to act as a Friend in the Referral Program.

1.5. In order to participate in the Referral program, a separate consent form from a User or from a Friend is not required. The User starts participating in the Referral program when he sends first promotional link or a code to a Friend.

1.6. All 5% discounts for each new user are cumulative but cannot exceed 30% of the monthly subscription cost.

2. Procedure and conditions for calculating discount

2.1. In order to receive a discount following conditions must apply:

  • At the time of the participation in the Referral Program, Friend is not registered and is not a User of the Wattabuy service;
  • Promo link or promo code is sent to a Friend by a User;
  • A Friend completed the Targer Action (installed the Wattabuy application and registered in it)
  • A Friend at the end of the free trial period paid for the access to the Wattabuy service.

3. Other conditions

3.1. If the Service Administration considers the actions / lack of actions of the Referral Program Participant and / or Friend to be unfair or otherwise violating the terms of the Referral Program, the Service Administration reserves the right to deny a discount or cancel it without notifying and further explanations.

3.2. The administration of the service does not reimburse or compensate for losses, costs and any other expenses that may arise for the Participant of the Referral program and / or Friend in connection with participation in this Referral program.

3.3. Rewards under this Referral Program can only be used as a discount and not otherwise.

3.4. The referral program is public. The administration of the service has the right to amend the terms of this program by posting the current version of the conditions on the Wattabuy.com website.